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Writing for the tech industry for almost two decades has made me a superhero at breaking down complicated topics into simple, easy-to-understand copy that empowers readers to dive into subjects they were previously wary of. I craft educational content that gives users those eureka moments where they suddenly get it (and thank me for showing them the light).

I’ve been a storyteller my entire life. I love to experiment with different media and formats, different techniques and ways to engage others through the stories we tell, whether that’s in fiction, marketing, or how-to guides and courses. I’m passionate about lifelong learning and making information on virtually any topic easy for the average person to understand. Story is one of the best ways to do that.

In all the years I’ve spent creating stand-out content, I’ve also developed killer project management and leadership skills. I feel most at home when I’m strategizing, planning, and managing projects and products with a stellar team to work with.

Check out the gallery of my work experience below (click on a job title to see details about what I did while at that job, including links). I’ve included long-term freelance, contract, and employee roles.

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